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Rebuilding Muhammad’s Interfaith Alliance Against the Global Attack on Religion 

by Charles Upton Listen to the author discuss this article on Truth Jihad Radio and donate to the new interfaith alliance HERE We are all aware of the growing number of attacks on churches, mosques and synagogues around the world, including North America. Whatever attacks are not carried out by (supposedly) lone individuals are usually attributed to, or claimed by, specific known groups: Islamicist terrorists, White Supremacists, etc. But a further question must be asked: are a percentage of these attacks actually false flags, carried out by entities with an agenda of creating conflict between the religions in order to…


Charlie Hebdo, 9/11, and the Satanic Sacred

By Thaddeus J. Kozinski, Ph.D. Originally published in We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 The modern nation-state, in whatever guise, is a dangerous and unmanageable institution, presenting itself on the one hand as a bureaucratic supplier of goods and services, which is always about to, but never actually does, give its clients value for money, and on the other as a repository of sacred values, which from time to time invites one to lay down one’s life on its behalf. . . . It is like being asked to die for the telephone company.[i] –Alasdair…